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Integrity, Diversity, Accountability, Commitment.

Alberton & JHB South Business Forum

AJSBF is affiliated with the SBI, affording us the opportunity to interact on National and Provincial level as well as direct access to expert views, business material and quality presenters.

Our dream is to incorporate the majority of the business fraternity in Alberton and surrounding areas into the business network adding to the value that we provide to our members.

We believe that our strength will ...

  • Aid in the growth of our local economy and
  • Will mould a new generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders
  • To play a significant role in unifying business across political, language and colour barriers.

The Alberton Business Forum facilitates business opportunities through a business support network. It provides a platform to share information, discuss matters of mutual interest and to establish joint ventures. The business support forum is derived from the need to link business-to-business and to share and discuss business information.

Membership is open to any business individual or group in the region of Alberton, Gauteng, and surrounding areas.

Contact us today to find out how you can:

  • Join the Alberton Business Forum

    or, if you are already a member,
  • How you can contribute to the growth of the Alberton Business Forum



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